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St. Michaels Nurture Nursery undertook the following projects with Pen Green:


  • Being Two
  • Parents Involvement in their Child's Learning (PICL)


As part of these projects we collaborated with parents and a range of partners to develop our own unique  'Image of our Child'


The overarching vision by all that took part was:


"We will encourage children to be confident, capable and curious learners who can communicate their needs, wishes and feelings."


The seven strands are:


1. Unique and Valued

"Children feel special, cared for and valued, and are respected as individuals"


2. Positive Attachment

"Form positive relationships with adults and peers"


3. Curious

"To explore, being inquisitive and self motivated"


4. Independent

"Willing to 'have a go' and do things for themselves, as they develop their self help skills"


5. Confident

"Confident and have a positive 'can do' attitude"


6. Effective Communicator

"Able to express and negotiate their ideas, needs and feelings (verbally and non verbally)"


7. Healthy

"Children have good physical, mental and emotional well-being. They are protected from serious disease, eat healthily and are physically active"


In Nurture Nursery we do this by following the child's lead and by providing an environment full of exciting opportunities to ensure the children experience awe and wonder each and every day. Our role is to develop a language rich environment, be the children's partners in play, to share ideas and model play, but most importantly to have lots of fun learning and playing together!!