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In Nurture Nursery we really value strong parent partnerships. Parent's know their children best and by working together we can ensure each child reaches their full potential.


Your child's key person is the first point of contact and they will ensure an effective relationship is built. They will share information at the beginning and end of each session and also at various other points such as meetings to discuss development.


We also have numerous other communication tools to engage with parents:


  • Every child will have a home visit before they start with us. This helps us to really get to know your child and your family.
  • We have a flexible induction programme which is tailored to meet children's individual needs.
  • We speak with parents face to face daily.
  • We use Tapestry online Learning journal and photographs and observations are uploaded weekly.
  • We have Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Parent meetings are undertaken as and when required.
  • Newsletters
  • All About Me sheets


We also organise events throughout the year which parents are invited too, including:


  • Community Fun Day: October
  • Family Christmas stay and Play
  • Sponsored obstacle course: May 
  • Stay and Play sessions


Working in partnership with parents is central to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England. They are key to a successful early years experience for children and by working together the children will get the most out of their early education.


Why are parent partnerships so important?

  • Parents know their children best
  • It helps the child to feel safe and secure while in the setting if they see that their parents feel comfortable there.
  • They create a shared level of expectation
  • Sharing information about development, next steps in learning, any concerns or new likes or dislikes supports children's emotional well-being.
  • By keeping up to date with what is happening outside the setting, especially if the home situation has changed we can make sure the children's individual needs are fully understood.
  • Parents can feel secure to seek advice, help and support should they need it.
  • They ensure transitions throughout the setting smooth and transparent.
  • They improve outcomes for children and ensure that every child has their full individual needs met.


We want to ensure that our parents and families have a close working relationship with our team, so don't forget that it is really important to talk to us and share information at every opportunity.


Parents, carers and, of course, grandparents are always most welcome to volunteer – your help with the children is invaluable. Please speak to Joanne for more information.