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Summer 1 Half Termly Overview

Summer Term 1

Manor Fruit Farms Trip

To finish our 'Down in the Garden' topic, we had a fantastic time at Manor Fruit Farms where we learnt more about how fruit plants grow.  We picked so many strawberries and enjoyed making fresh strawberry jelly back at school.

Growing Beans

It is a very exciting time in Reception as we grow our own food.  We have planted and are caring for our own dwarf beans as well as grass and flowers in our garden.  We are learning about how lots of the food we eat comes from plants, tasting a range of different fruits and vegetables.

Spring 2 Half Termly Overview

The Elves and the Shoemaker

What an exciting week in Reception where we have been visited by some magical elves!  The elves left a sewing kit for us to make our own puppets.  They warned us that sewing was tricky but we have been so resilient in both threading the needle and creating stitches.

Spring 2 Overview

Spring 1 Half Termly Overview

Spring 1 Overview

Lunar New Year

We have been learning about the different ways some Chinese families celebrate Lunar New Year.  We cleaned and decorated our classroom, found out more about this special celebration using non fiction books, created our own dragon dances and tasted some Chinese food.  

We Are Sculptors

This half term we have created our own sculptures inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth.  We have worked our muscles hard by shaping and cutting clay using a range of different tools.  When the clay was dry we applied different coloured glazes too.

All children in Reception enjoy Balanceability lessons throughout the year.  These sessions support our listening skills, core strength, balance, spatial awareness and resilience.  We love them!

We all had a fantastic time during our trip to Twycross Zoo.  We saw lots of different animals and learnt about a range of habitats around the world.

Reception Autumn 2 Overview