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At St. Michael's Nurture Nursery we recognise the importance of speech and language  development and fully understand that we have an amazing opportunity, in partnership with parents, to develop children's speech and language skills. This is why we invest in staff training in communication and language. 


At St. Michael's Nurture Nursery we:


  • Facilitate Speech and Language 'drop in' sessions led by Warwickshire Speech and Language Service.
  • Have three staff who are trained to tier 3 in the Warwickshire 'Time to Talk' programme.
  • Ensure all staff are trained to tier 1 in the Warwickshire 'Time to Talk' programme.
  • Have recently (2020) undertook 'I can' Early Talk training:

  • Deliver Language Enrichment Groups in Nurture Nursery for children who have a delay in speech & language.
  • Work in collaboration with the Health Visiting Service and the Integrated Disability Service to identify needs and ensure children receive the correct support without delay.


Did you Know?

Communication and language skills are the foundation for children’s learning and key to their life chances.


In some parts of the UK - particularly areas of social disadvantage, over 50% of children start school without essential communication skills. These skills are the vehicle for learning, making friends and succeeding in life. The early years are a crucial time in children’s speech, language and communication development.


  • 75% of a child’s brain growth has occurred by the age of 2 and by 22 months a child’s development can predict outcomes at the age of 26
  • By the age of 5, a child’s vocabulary is a strong predictor of their educational success and outcomes at the age of 30